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After last E3 who can blame Sony for using such metods.

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Vanversive said:
Is it sony...? IS IT SONY!?! lol

HAHA, that part was so funny. Very well acted too.


Saw it at ign yesterday i couldnt stop laughing almost as good as their sands of time video


patapon said:
Wait a second, doesn't this technically fit into the ps3 slim blogging category? OH NOES!!! Hideok, ARE YOU DOOMED?!? PLEASE TALK TO US!!!

...He's not responding D:


To HideoK's friends:

He will be safely released after Gamescom. Don't blog about the 'slim'.

- Jack Tretton

This was hilarious...

Recommended viewing for all fanboys...

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lol that was funny.

His resi4 video is so much better. Still funny though.

Jack Tretton doesn't f**k around.

4 ≈ One

nice "are you afraid of the dark?" resemblance

Dgc1808 said:
Jack Tretton doesn't f**k around.

I hear he's also going after the people who called him out when he said he'd give $1,000 for every PS3 that hadn't been sold.

Watch your ba----