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ZenfoldorVGI said:
Xxain said:

oh gawd...enough Zen...i literally rolled my eyes after i read I read this....Fighters are just not as important as a new shooter, action/adventure, RPG, Mario,Zelda..thats why fighters dont get hyped...your over dramatic hate for fanboys only makes u just as annoying them

I don't hate fanboys. I love them. I do, however, hate hipocrisy, and I also despise when a game is treated unfairly due to attempted marketing by a hipocrite.

For instance, Prototype. Even though it was only a decent game, nothing special, many, many fanboys on this forum treated the game like it was utter shite, just because the PS3 had a competing sandbox game that released at a similar time.

The people who poured their lives into that game didn't deserve that, and so yes, I hate. I'm a hater. Forgive me. If I annoy you, cease to read my opinions.

...but be just in your ramblings. Don't treat games unfairly just because you think the people who made them are anon.


That said, ABSOLUTELY, this game would be more hyped if it was a PS3 exclusive. You deny that?

im gonna come back this...ur being tricky right now

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Because no one has cared about Tekken since Tekken 3

Because it's not exclusive anymore, if it stayed exclusive it would of been hyped way more and people wouldn't ignore it as much.

Rockstar was right when they said making a game exclusive is better off then multiplat (when your trying to establish a new franchise)

^ I disagree...its the fact that its part of a genre thats no longer as popular as it used to be..and Tekken itself isnt as popular either, and then we have the fact its takin way to long to come out Project Soul is puttin 2 fighters out b4 Tekken team gets on

My Kazama is already waiting for a challenge


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It's because Staude is the Tekken Overlord and no one wants to play just to be destroyed by him.

Pixel Art can be fun.

TyePhoid_PAL said:
My Kazama is already waiting for a challenge

My Mishima is ready to kick ur a$$

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Well I talk about it, Tekken is the best fighter bar none. It's gona be so epic, although I get the feeling Jin is going to get his but kicked by Kazuya.

@ nen u got t5dr?


Oh the good old Tekken Vs Capcom fanboys.

I prefer Tekken more than Street Fighter because it's more noob friendly (I can't even do a Hadoken) and easy to get into for a noob fighter like me, but SF is still cool though even if I just mash and hope for the best.