Why is nobody talking about Tekken 6?

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It is supposed to be one of the biggest gaming franchises.I know the series hasn't evolved that much and people are bashing it for this but this is unbelievable.A franchise that consistently sells well and has sold more than 20m units doesn't have anybody talking about its latest installment.What is wrong here?


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It's not an exclusive anymore.

it cud be the reason,as exclusive games get alot of attention.

what is this tekken you speak of?
guess too many bigger games coming out

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badgenome said:
It's not an exclusive anymore.

Wrong...Tekken went multi and nobody really cared....the answer is fighters are never really hyped...they have to be REALLY big ( SSB, SF4, MvsC) to get that kind of atention...but me and my bro are really lookin forward to it

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Street Fighter IV happened.

^ thats basically it...SF4 was very bit because it was the 1st official SF in 10 years..we probably wont see that kinda hype for a another fighter for awhile

because fighters since Tekken in PS1 days havn't really been hyped

all the hype is going towards shooter, action games nowadays

on xbox 360 its for Halo ODST

on PS3 its for uncharted 2

and not to mention the fighter market is just starting to regrow again thats to online....it was makin its way to ninche category

tekken hasn't been good since tekken 3 i dont think ill be getting this