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1. $300
2. $300
3. 3rd

I'll be getting it mainly for a Blu-ray player and so both my nieces can play LBP and stuff.

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I wouldn't buy one until it hits 200 dollars, and then it would primarily be just my blu-ray player. All multiplats I would still get on the 360, and only the few exclusives/PSN games that interest me on it. It would of course be my first PS3.

I'm hoping to import the FF13 edition PS3 from Japan, so

1. $500
2. $500
3. 2nd PS3 for my bedroom

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I would possibly buy a PS3 slim, though probably not. It would be at least 3 years from now though, and not for more than 1500 SEK (which would mean a pricepoint of $150 in the US). I'm just sooooo last gen.

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As long as I can still play PS2 games on it then yes I buy it and I don't care what the price is.

Why should someone buy a Slim PS3 when he already has a PS3?
I can't understand that...

If, and only if, the Slim PS3 brings back PS2 BC, I will strongly consider getting it, and giving my fat PS3 to my parents as a Blu-Ray player.

If it doesn't have PS2 BC, it's not on my radar.

1. Yes, if it has bc

2. $299

3. $299

4. 2nd

Not likely. If PS3 breaks within warrantee then I might replace it with Slim, but I won't be paying for one. If Phat breaks I'll either buy 2nd hand replacement or not buy anything.

So for this poll - No.

a) $0 like I said I'll only get one as a replacement if my phat keels over within warrantee and can't be repaired (not likely).

b) If I was going to buy new I'd expect to pay NZD $520 (USD $349, though I expect it to be $299 in the US)

c) 2nd

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