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FootballFan said:
fifa on PS3 outsells the xbox eqivelent massivly, and all the PSP EA games add to the total.

True, but then the Madden games sell far better on the 360

or do they? bum bum buuuuuummmmmmm

Well according to VGChartz they do .

Yeah but this site isn't accurate.

Hey bub. Check this out!


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Interesting if you look at the whole table of per platform revenue over the last 5 quarters you will notice that this last quarter is the only one where Wii has topped the PS3. and 360 has only topped the PS3 in 2 of the last 5 quarters (though in both cases by a huge margin). In quarters where 360 has an exclusive release the 360 net revenue

The other thing you'll really notice is that all Sony platforms tend to generate negative revenue for EA in the GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices) section of the table, and all other platforms tend to be positive revenue generators. I don't understand GAAP vs non-GAAP but I'm assuming a negative number in the GAAP section is bad and a positive number is good. And that might explain the continued provision of exclusives for Ninty and MS and the dearth of exclusives for Sony. In fact it seems 360 gave a better GAAP revenue for EA than Wii (for Q1 '10) despite Wii having a higher total revenue (though there isn't 5 quarters of GAAP revenue for the 360 available, only 2). Something seems a little fishy though with 360 having a net revenue of 73 mill and GAAP of 63 mill and PC having a higher GAAP than net, when EVERYONE else's GAAP revenue is much lower in comparison to net.

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scat398 said:
The original article is actually incorrect and posted net revenue. The real numbers after GAAP gains and losses is as follows

Wii 184
X360 136
PS3 99

This seems to get reported incorrectly every time buy a few sites. Basically in the consoles Wii sells the most followed by 360 followed by PS3. It would be helpful if the original poster would check the financial report before posting bad earnings.
  1. Where did you get those numbers from? I clicked on you link but did not find them
  2. They make more sense to me
  3. What is the difference between net revenue and "real numbers" as u called them

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net revenue is simply the total amount of money brought in by the console

the 'real numbers' are the profit, ie the net revenue minus the amount spent to bring in that revenue. That is why the PS3 may win in net revenue, but due to high production costs it may still lose in profits. Same applies to the PSP/DS

Wii brings the most revenue to EA???

Apart of 3 or 4 games they only make PS2 ports or bad quality games. How come that happens.

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Welcome to 2009 susymar

its because of FIFA.

Xoj said:
its because of FIFA.

This is a quarterly report; April-June. FIFA came out last Fall.

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Onyxmeth said:
Xoj said:
its because of FIFA.

This is a quarterly report; April-June. FIFA came out last Fall.

The last week of the quarter:


Hmm, seems to be dominated by 360 and Wii.

First (full) week of the quarter:


FIFA still selling reasonably well, but only around 1000 higher on PS3

Skate 2 sold more on 360

NFS Undercover more on PS3

And of course, Left 4 Dead.

These don't look like sales that would bring in more revenue for PS3, to be honest.

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thats odd.....

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