would u buy TALES OF VESPERIA 2, if namco decides to make one?

Forums - Microsoft Discussion - would u buy TALES OF VESPERIA 2, if namco decides to make one?

Yes. This was my first jrpg and I truly enjoyed the story and graphics.

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Seraphic_Sixaxis said:
G-Value would fer sure.

That said i wouldn't.

Didn't like the look of the first one, and wouldn't bother with a 2nd unless they changed graphics and art styles.

Why would you want that? Tales of games have always had an anime look a feel to it. If they compltetely change the art style and graphic it won't even feel like a Tales of game.


I for one would buy it. ToV is a great jrpg and if they did make a sequel to it it would be just as awesome.

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Sure I would.

I'm playing it right now, such a good game. Has some issues here and there, but it's realy nice.

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I'd buy pretty much any Tales of game released in the US.