$199 or $249 PS3 could be on the way

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well i take that back. I would nudge my brothers wii lol i forgot its not mine :D

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$199 is very unlikely but if it happens.360 and PS3 war will be over and PS3 and Wii war will start

even with the price cut i dont think the ps3 will catch up to the wii being down by 30 million so i dought there will be a ps3 wii war

299$ seems likely. 199$? Now I think they are trying to be kamikazes.

By the way, you're telling me that their motive this year is to make a loss and hit mass market price?

nightsurge said:
A $199 PS3 and a $249 PSP Go...... Hmmmmm Yeah never gonna happen.

First, the only time a $199 PS3 was even mentioned was the stupid joke by David Jaffe which he pronounced as such.

Second, the now ~$250 production cost (if it is that low. still no confirmation) could only possibly be for the upcoming Slim models, NOT the current 80/160gb fats.

Third, you have to account for them selling the consoles for less than the retail price to the actual resellers. Even if the cost of production for the Slims really is as low as $250, they have to sell them for about $15 less each to the retailers. Then as someone has mentioned before, this does not include the costs of packaging or the added controller. If Sony launched a $300 Slim, they would have to sell it to retailers for about $285 and after the other costs are factored in they would just be breaking even per console sold.

And I still don't believe Sony is producing Slims at $250 a pop. They only gave us a "rough percentage" based on an initial cost we can only estimate. After all the reductions to make a slim, it seems they would still be about $25-50 more than $250, so about $275-300 to produce rather than $250. I guess we can only wait for some final confirmations and clarifications.

What the hell did i say then?They will be making it for $240,abt $10-15 shipping cost and abt $10-15 retailer profit.So that is abt $270-280.No company lets retailer take $25-50 on their product as profits.The main reason was saying all this because Sony predicted it to be a loss making year,if they sell it at $299,they will be able to make profit and that is not their motive this year.

Selling at $300 would not be profitable to them.  If anything they'd just be breaking even.

Again, the cost would be ~$250+, not $240.  Then we have packaging costs, shipping and storage costs, bundled equipment costs (cables, controller, etc.), and retail markup of about 5% or $15 on a $300 item.  So Sony would be selling them to retail for $285 and be barely breaking even if they cost ~$250 + shipping/packaging/storage + bundled items.

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They need to try something new. Like make it so for a short time you can get a PS3 for dirt cheap. with the purchase of 2 games at $59.99. Software sells, as everyone wants, and they get more PS3s out there. I know this might sound crazy, but has anything else worked yet?

PS3 for $199.99 w/ purchase of LBP and MGS4. Everyone's happy.

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Im getting tired of waiting.. the speculation increases day by day, and sony needs to announce this already



This is getting tiring... can't we just take the wait and see approach?

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If they release a 199 PS3 SCE would pretty much go out of business. I dont even think they can afford a 100 dollar price-cut, especially with Slim coming out.

Sony needs to start making profit out of PS3, beating 360 does not matter at all.

That would be a really quick "war" if nintendo wanted it to be.

Sony: 199$ for ps3 w/ controller come and and get it.

Nintendo: 179$ for will w/ wii sports, wii sports resort, M+ and pick your own colour.

now i doubt Nintendo would really do this, but it is defantly within their reach to do so. Sony should worry about healing thier brand to the faithful and making money, not pissing contests.