Who is your favourite nintendo character?

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Link, of course!

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Ahh one of Nintendos characters... but theres so many... oh well, I'd probably have to go with toad... theres just something about that damn hat.

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I like Donkey Kong and Link the most.

Mario. He is a bad ass game character.



Luigi, for sure, closely followed by Samus and Toon Link. My favourite villains would be Ganondorf and Zelgius (Black Night in Fire Emblem).

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Mario, nobody can top Mario..


Diddy and Dixie.

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seein as the best nintendo games are called warioware

im goin with wario

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I'm amazed by how many Yoshi fans there are, I didn't realize he was quite so popular. What about Olimar then Killeryoshis?

Olimar lacks personlaityand the pikmin are their to make fun to you. And yoshi is awsome in Super mario

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Too many awesome characters to pick from but i'll go with Koopa Troopa because i always used him in Super Mario Kart