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I have to say..... LINK !

But Yoshi Close... if he had better games !

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has to be toad!


CatFangs806 said:

You're so boring.

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Boutros said:
CatFangs806 said:

You're so boring.

I grew up playing Mario games, so how could I answer differently?


He's your typical bloke trying to get the dame, the old fashioned way, everyone knows Princess Peach wants him which is why she plays hard to get, the only problem Bowser has is Mario.

Look Mario we all know you like guys, you're the classic closet homosexual, after all you haven't fucked Peach yet and you've not only had time but also had so many advantages opportunities each time you saved her, so how about you stay away and let Bowser do his thing with her once and for all...after all you ain't doing nothing with her, so let him, this would be the only reason Bowser would keep kidnapping Peach over and over after all, it also explains why Peach her self hasn't set up an army to protect herself, she loves the roughness of these "catch me if you can" games. ~_^

I mean there a perfect match, royalty and all....and Mario is just a plumber, he works with long shafts, deep holes and tubes everyday...it practically spells homosexual. I reckon Mario should find his own MR Peach, that way their can be peace in both Kingdoms.

Note: In case said people can't tell, I hate Mario but find Bowser awesome, and this is all melodramatic sarcastic talk, again this if is for these said people.

anyway, my 2 cents.

yoshi and blooper

mario kart combo: Yoshi in super blooper^^

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Link, hands down....You would think that it would be Donkey Kong though.

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Luigi. Maybe because growing up I was the runt of the litter, and was condemned to second player in SMB. But I wore that title with pride! So much so, that even when I had the choice of first player, I wouldn't take it. I needed to see Luigi's name in SMB up on the top of the screen. And the times I played the game alone, and had no choice but to use Mario .. it felt wrong. I'm weird like that.

Close second, Link.