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the second one looks like for wii.....

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SHMUPGurus said:
in b4 anyone says "Now it looks crap for suck box 360 version."

You sure called it.

The new one looks more realistic.....and blurry.

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Undying said:
The new one looks more realistic.....and blurry.

If by 'looks more realistic' you actually mean 'has a lower polygon count and less detailed textures', then yes.

I cant wait for Final Fantasy Versus XIII now!

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Why would they downgrade the PS3 version if it is almost complete and they are just porting it to the 360?

screen shots always vary and never deliver what they promise anyway.

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I honestly prefer the first picture. It looks more colourful and prettier imo. Meh, w/e, it doesn't bother me that much really though.

What the FUCK?!

The firs tpicture looks way better!

More realistic looking then the 2nd one!

Shit, the 2nd one looks like a freaking DOA anime style game, which isn't a bad thing but final fantasy always has better more "REAL" looking artstyles, not this "Oooohhhh Look at ME i have an Angelic skin-tone muwahaha!"

If the final game turns out like the 2nd picture forget it.

^^^ I agree with you but... Oh come on that's silly... Do you honestly play games for what they look like? Gameplay isn't important?


Gameplay looks "okay" for XIII so far, but we haven't seen enough of it yet, like summons and limits and so forth.

As for the graphics, yes, sometimes i do buy games just for the HD Experience... uhm...

I think DOA: Extreme for the 360 and Folklore for PS3 are the best examples i could give this gen.

But to be honest its not really the graphics as more of it is the "ART-STYLE" which from the two pics above number 2 looks anime-cliched to hell, which ISN'T a bad thing, but VS the 1st one im sorry it kinda is, the detail in the first is far better in everyway from hair to rock.