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vlad321 said:
Slimebeast said:
vlad321 said:
Slimebeast said:

I call bullshit. Why would a pirate like you go and pay for a useless retail copy when you already have the game downloaded, installed on the HD, patched and updated and having all the settings tweaked and ready?

You're probably just justifying your habits because you happened to pick a a classic game from the bargain bin once or twice long after release.

Cause maybe I like the game and would like the company to make more good games? Also the last game I bought was the 2K Game Ollection off of steam. The fact there hasn't been a game tht can hold my attention for more than half a week that has come out recently is not my fault.

Well, props to you then.

I know I ain't doing it. If I go through the hazzle of torrenting, installing, setting everything up I ain't buying the legal version after that. Never done it except in the case of Oblivion which is a game I adore above everything else.

I dind't say I botheed to install the legal copy. I just keep it on the drawer and if I ever need to reninstall I get that. Or if there's some multiplayer content I need.

It's great that you have such a sense of morality and duty, but Slime Beast is right. Most people don't want to buy a game just so they can put in on their wall (other than collector's editions maybe). The reason why you bought the legal copy was not so that you could PLAY the game, but simply OWN it. Most people only care about PLAYING a game, than owning it.


I think you're admirable, and I can't judge Slimebeast since I engage in some pirating as well, but you definetly don't represent the majority of people. Who the fuck will want to buy a game to just decorate your room with? The only times I bought a legal copy was when I wanted to play Multiplayer, and it was already  cheap (Rome: Total War), and because torrenting was too much of a hastle (Medieval II: Total War).

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I can see this has it's merits.

I'll just say that I frequently use pirated PC versions as demos for the console version. I've bought the 360 version of L4D, to name one, after playing a pirated PC version. There are a few others, and Fallout 3, Prototype and SF4 are on my want list after trying a pirated version. I haven't extensively played a pirated game since I was 14 or so (I'm 22 now), and back then I didn't have money, heh.

If I want to get a PC game, I'll just buy it off Steam, as in the long run, with patches, online stuff, and such, it's easier just to get the real one, the same general reason I prefer to get console versions (my computer, a Macbook Pro running Windows 7, is powerful enough to run most stuff, but I don't like wasting time messing with settings and drivers and such).

Creating Steam is their way to fight piracy

Battle.net is next

EA is getting all the flack

Repent or be destroyed

New games should have there own unique codes with there game discs and only work on one system.




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Don't pirate for ever, but in general yes, provide a great game and service and lost of people should buy it.

I think games should cost only as much as what they are worth.

Games like Final Fantasy, by the immense effort which they've put into it, is worth every penny.
Lame games should cost a lot less than what they do now.

Aion said:
New games should have there own unique codes with there game discs and only work on one system.

Congraulations. You just reinvented the serial number. Quite possibly the single most effective solution at preventing piracy. It is literally impossible to find serial numbers ANYWHERE on the internet.


Alternativly, you may have just invented an even more restrictive SecuROM. After seeing how well it worked for Spore, you just KNOW increasing restrictions will only cut down on pirated copies.

NJ5 said:
I think used game sales affect the industry more than piracy.

Why? People who buy used games are spending closer to the full price than pirates, therefore they would be more likely to pay the full price.

Or pay any price.

I know i've bought plenty of used games rather then wait for the price to drop to 15-30.

I wouldn't buy more full priced games at $60... but I might buy more retail games on closeout.

NJ5 said:
lahdeedah said:
I honestly don't get it. If they make a better game, isn't it just more likely pirated more often?

In absolute numbers, yes. Relative to total sales, no.

Their point is, if you make a good game lots of people will buy it.


And even quite a few pirates will buy the games if they enjoy it enough.

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