Why Buy Unproven Titles Day 1?

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Why would i buy unproven titties day one lolol amirite, ladies?



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Because sometimes, doing your research means you want the game badly enough to buy it day 1, and if I can afford it, then I will go for it!

Good point really. For that reason, I'm going to hold off on buying Cursed Mountain. Its $50 at launch and will likely be joining Mad World in the $20 range in a few months.


Madworld came out in march, and i waited 5 months to buy it at $15 new :D

Because if you have been hyped for a particular game for more than a year you don't want to miss one single day.

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To support the industry and help fund developers I like. Waiting for a price-drop means they have either ceased to be able to sell the game, or are selling it to retailers at a vastly reduced price. I prefer to get as much money to good developers as possible so that they can continue to develop games I love.

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Because I can. Sometimes I get burned (NiGHTS for the Wii) and end up not liking the game that much, other times it ends up great, (Tales of Vesperia, where I bought a 360 to play it, the week it came out.)

Because I have lots of disposable income.