What's your favorite Wii Sports Resort game?

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It's impossible to say, really. Ping-Pong, Archery and Swordplay are the ones I would say, depending on which one I played the last. Basketball grows on you as well, as well as Wakeboarding, but they are nowhere as fun to play against each other.

When you've had enough of one sport, you want to move on to the next. I think that's the main strength of Wii Sports Resort. It's not just one good game, but 12.

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I like basket ball the best but I don't know why!

I guess it just seems like the one I enjoy playing the most and I love to dunk the ball.

Swordplay, table tennis ,cycling and airplane are my favourite sports.Other sports also great too except golf.(Because i didn't like golf much.)

table tennis right now but there are many that i like

I think the aeroplane exploration because the controls are spot on and it just seems so relaxing to play. Wakeboarding is good too but i'm no good at it. Swordplay deserves an honorary mention too. Great fun bonking the Mii hordes on the head. Doing quite well on that one. The game actually says it's my favourite so i guess i must have played it the most.



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I've tried swordplay, table tennis, golf, & airplane. I don't like the thrust & slow down thing for the airplane, doesn't react all the time for me.

Golf is my favorite one by far, & i'm not even a fan of the sport, so yeah, really fun.

Swordplay. It fills me with the sense of being a Jedi.

I like holding the wiimote backhanded like Darth Vader's apprentice from the Force Unleashed. It's much less effective, but so much cooler. I'm sort of surprised it works, heh.

So far Swordplay, followed closely by Wakeboarding. The Airplane is also fantastic.

Who am I kidding? The entire game is great (for a tech demo).

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3 point contest basketball and flying over the island right now, are my favourite. Table tennisis great too.

After 3-4 days with this, I really like it (haven't played an activity I didn't like) and even my wife is playing it (archery, and she is good at it!).

Congrats Nintendo, I like this game (tech demo...) of yours!

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Swordplay - 5/5
Table tennis - 5/5
Airplanes - 5/5
Wakeboarding - 4/5
Jetskis - 4/5
Archery - 4/5
Frisbee - 4/5
Not decided on the others yet.

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