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Ok one major load of crap thing about this game...

Twice now have spent 20+ minutes in a game fighting it out, then just as our team gets the princess back to our base and are going to win the host leaves game....the game says trying to find a new one but has failed both times. Game becomes a complete loss.


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Hmm never had that happen to me, didn't Tribal say that if the host leaves that it doesn't matter and the game carries on?

If the host leaves it says something like "We have a problem...looking for suitable host" and I imagine it is meant to find a new host and continue, both times it has failed to find a new host though and game ended and taken back to title screen, loss of time, score and everything else.


bladeofkain is my PSN ID

so dont be afraid if i join =)

Owner of all consoles cept DS.....Currently in love with prototype!

Wont even let me join an online host, but im 'Playing with myself'
It's awesome

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I can't play online yet... this site has been incredibly slow as well, so it may be an issue with my internet

no, the site was slow for me about 15 mins ago. it took about 10 minutes to finally get it to load

il be getting it just as soon as i top up my 3V card next week ;)

Noooo, it worked perfectly fine a few hours ago... Now it won't find a game? :S

this shit better release in 5 minutes in the US. IM DYING OVER HERE!