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So when is this match going to happen?


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You people are so mean ! I asked MM whether I can join the clan a few weeks ago - still no response. I wont be able to play now anyway,let a friend borrow KZ2.

leo-j said:
I removed you on PSN? I never had you on PSN..

also I want to go up against anyone, it doesnt have to be a clan fight

What's your PSN ID?


SlumsofOhio said:
I'll admit leo-j, you were pretty good at ground combat on Warhawk, but I ruled the skies, as you said. Its a shame I have neither now, but I bet I could take you in Killzone, if I had it.

Im sure you can based on your ranking in such a short period of time..




So anyone going up against me? Ive been waiting



I hope you crush everybody with your Killzone 2 talent, leo-j. Do America proud.

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leo-j said:
I especially want to go against making music and nordlead..

lol!!!!! wow, if you want to prove you are good, I'm the worst player you could have chosen

I suck at shooters and I'll gladly admit it, but if you want to post that you beat me all over VGChartz, go right ahead, we don't even need to play


EDIT: oh, and I'd play with the clan, but the last few times I logged on to play there were no matches scheduled at all

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The VGChartz clan has been inactive for about 2 months.

And we probably won't be able to turn that around.

I don't know what time zone you're in, but sent "VGChartz" a challenge leo-j and we'll get someone to play you.

and by someone he means me your getting it son!

Sure i will probably be on sometime this week

I would like to participate in this...but I'm not in the clan


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