Should I get Rock Band 2 or GH:WT?

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I've always wanted Rock Band, but never got around to buying it.. Ive finally came to my decision, I wan't to buy one of the two.

Which one is the better one, I'm leaning towards RB2..

So it's up to you, majority rules!

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The Beatles RB > GH World Tour > RB2

I vote Rock Band, just because Activision are being total cocks about attacking Brutal Legend with lawyers after giving up their publishing rights. Assholes.

I also agree with Rubang. Beatles uber alles.

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Rubang is right about Beatles: Rock Band being awesome, but Rock Band 2 is better than World Tour.



I'm sure the Beatles game would be fun, but if you want more variety, you should try another one. I personally like GH over RB. I always felt that RB is less precise. In the end though, look at the song list for each game and pick the one you like more. Also, since the instruments are all compatible with each other, you could just buy GH with instruments and then get RB stand alone.


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If you have the money, RB2 with the GH Drums.

If not, then i'd stick with RB2. You can all import ALL the RB1 songs to RB2 for free. Therefore RB has a way huger library.

The only thing GH really has on RB is the drums. I've heard mixed reviews on the guitars; people insist on the GH guitars being of better quality, but the RB software itself is better than the GH software.


I ended up getting GH:WT and I LOVE the drums. They blow the RB drums away. The deal maker for me was that Gamestop had a GH:WT sale for which the entire band kit was only 90 bucks; 100 dollars less than retail. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have gotten anything.


Anyways, I found out that the instruments/games aren't compatible w/ each other on Wii. So unless I trade everything in for Xbox stuff, then I'm locked into GH for life now. Stupid hardware lock!


I'm just throwing World Tour props for the ability to create music, but The Beatles takes the cake for 3 part harmonies, and the better most diverse music library.

RB. Activision dont deserve your money.

The Ghost of RubangB said:
I'm just throwing World Tour props for the ability to create music, but The Beatles takes the cake for 3 part harmonies, and the better most diverse music library.


that IS true. there is a database of 100% free user created music which is actually pretty good for the most part.


The mii freestyle mode is pretty cool as well. I'm not sure how the guitars work, but you've basically turned GH into a really cheap electric Drum set in the freestyle mode. Its even got a basic blues, rock, and metal chord progression for you to improvise and rock out on. loads of fun for just wailing on the drums.

I didn't even know about the freestyle drumming and the basic chord progressions to improvise and solo on. Now I really want World Tour and The Beatles. Right now I can't afford either, and if I can, it'll have to be the Beatles. But outside of The Beatles, I'm still in the Guitar Hero fanboy camp.