Should Sony re-release Killzone 2 for the holidays?

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Advertise and bundle with the slim.

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Cut the price to $39.99 and release a ultimate version with all the DLC for $59.99. That should move another 500K easily.

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It'll be the first holiday season for the game. Its sales will inevitablly go up. Sell the game the way it is this year with heavy ad campaign. leave the drop/special edition for bext year.

I dont think the Winter-ish lineup looks bad. I mean:

Uncharted 2
Operation Flashpoint 2
LBP GOTY Edition
New Ratchet Game
GT5 (I hope)
Tekken 6
Assassins Ceed 2

So the 'PS3' lineup looks awesome, Sony's maybe not so much. To be honest, I think MW2 would crush it's sales.

They should have part of that killer intro on Killzone!

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Bayonetta was pushed back to?????


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They should, but they won't.(costs too much)


TGS this year for PS3 will be amazing.

Grandia comes to PSN(PSone classic).

First Versus gameplay this year.

The Adventures Of Duane and Brando

They should release KZ2 Helghast edition! With all the maps included.

They should. They should push again all the best games launched up until now, particularly if they want to delay price cuts as long as possible.
The bundles I saw around are well thought too, they cater for a wide range of different tastes.
It looks like Sony has a fetish for doing things awfully wrong each time before starting to do things right, perchance do they think it brings good luck?

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you have to get a game of the year award to make a GOTY edition first.