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Firstly, although it would have had more sales, i really would have hated the idea of GTA with a Classic Controller option -- because how does that make it special? if that were the case, i'd just assume the motion controls were thrown on and i'd wait for the pc version, as i always have..

Kwaad said: I actually wish they had all the buttons on the remote/nunchuck setup. Then you wouldnt NEED the Classic controller... And it would have rumble. :D (this was a serious dream. That is what I expected) Because of the lack of the 2nd stick... I still havent thought of a way to rotate the camera yet. (and dont you even think of saying pointer, I do NOT like the pointer moving anything but a crosshair)
I think the best method is holding C and rotating the stick to change camera view.. but then again, i haven't put much thought into it.. maybe we should ask people who own godfather wii, how does that game deal with changing camera view?