From wich publisher do you get most of your games from?

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My list:

Nintendo- 27
Sony- 17
Sega- 6
EA- 6
2K/R*- 6
Konami- 5
LucasArts- 5
Rare- 4
SquareEnix- 4
Ubisoft- 3
Midway- 3
Activision- 2
Akklaim- 2
THQ- 2
Tecmo/Capcom/Natsume/Crave- 1 each


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I'm not going to look but the majority of my games are for the NES plus SNES and N64. Just bought a GameCube as well. Secondly would probably be Sony then EA Games cuz of all the sports games and stuff for PS2.

Nintendo by far. Capcom is a distant second this generation for me. I'm not sure who is second if you include all generations for me.

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Square enix and i think ubisoft and ea.

I'm only counting PS3 games because I'm lazy e.e

Sony leads with 9 games.
Ubisoft has 3
Konami has 3
EA has 2

Tecmo, Namco, Midway, Bethesda, 2K and Activision have one each.

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outlawauron said:
I just don't know whether to be proud or embrassed at myself owning so many Japanese niche stuff.


Me...probably Nintendo, then SE, then Namco?

Nintendo by far.

Sony - 40%
EA - 20 %
Act/Blizzard - 15%
Ubisoft - 15%
Others - 10%

Out of my current, complete collection of 94 games, 65 of them are from Nintendo, so roughly 70% of my whole life's collection so far is Nintendo.

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Like pretty much anyone with a Wii + DS, Nintendo is the biggest publisher I have, by far. Squeenix probably comes in second, with a nice selection across several consoles and (especially) handhelds, and Sony third (or possibly second, close with Squeenix) with a great number of PS[123P] games. After that it's just a mix of random companies.