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Wow REALLY? I could of swore that PS3beats360 said that shit,man. 


Keep going Sony,more excuses can put you in first place.

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I don't see any flaws in the OP, I mean, the Wii isn't a professional console at all, hence why it only sold 51 million units.


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what unprofessional language! its almost as if he doesnt exist. "bob brick stone" hm.

Kantor said:
Boutros said:
That's kind of arrogant of him to say some of those things no?

Not really, no. I can't find any holes in his logic, to be honest. It's completely sound.

But he said the Wii was an attempt at a professional console. But he said that the Wii is not a professional console. So he's saying that Nintendo failed with the Wii. huh...?

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btw, theres no such title as main head of market research for sony.

Oops didn't notice there isn't any link, fake..

Well, let them think what they want. You still got the most expensive console several years into the game ;)

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This is real. I'd give a link but I'm on my Wii right now >.>

lol, fail.

Light Yagami said:


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