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vanguardian1 said: I've already rented several Wii games (rent2-get1-free-mondays) and I'm suprised the difference it makes for someone who can't master every control scheme (I suck horribly at shooter + gamepad games). I will definitely get Excite Truck, SSX Blur, and Madden 07 eventually, but I have a VERY limited budget, so I'll have to wait for them to drop in price. I also plan on renting Cooking Mama and Medal of Honor : Vanguard (ME!). Only for-sure-launch-date purchases at this point is Super Paper Mario and Mario Party 8.
This sounds like me, I can't play fps on pc or with a gamepad. Suddently I want to explore the fps genre. CoD3 and MoH: Vanguard looks really nice. I just need to find a Wii.



Buy it and pray to the gods of Sigs: Naznatips!

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EA games on the Wii are pretty good. My roomie who is a diehard Madden fan considers the Wii version superior to the other versions. He has the 360 version and finds the Wii version much more entertaining. I played a full course of Tiger Woods last night and I like it. I found the play mechanics for Wii Golf better, but this game is really fun. There were just some options I would like to have included. However, the game is very deep. I have yet to play SSX, but am planning on getting it later.

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