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It's not a game, it's an animation series. Go watch the first two.

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Yay! I'm going to watch in a bit.

Not nearly as entertaining as it could have been. I would say I'm disappointed because it doesn't compare to the first two Dead Fantasies, and that's true, but now that I think of it nothing he's made since Haloid has been entertaining enough to watch twice.

FINALLY! I've been waiting forever!

Edit - I watched it, it was entertaining. But from the previews of Dead Fantasy IV and V. This is going to be a weaker part of the saga. I'm hoping Dead Fantasy IV doesn't take very long.

Also, has anyone else noticed that 4 contributors just posted back to back?

Why must JRPG female leads suck so bad?

If watch the latest episode of Invisible Walls on Gametrailers he is one of the guests and talks about his works.


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Another generic fighting game with chicks.

awesome!!!!!!!!!!! loved the first 2

wow, this guy must be really good at modeling/animating to make some of you think that it's a game.

well this wasn't stupid.

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hm, magazine perfect girls, no plot, overdone fighting scenes. where have i seen this before? oh yea, advent children. god, couldnt even finish it