I watched the history of xbox and one of the creators of xbox said that the ps2 was a threat to pc gaming so they had to counter it with their own console which explains why almost all their exclusives are on pc ,

What do you guys think?

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thats true and vey very very very very very very very very very very very old news

Sony monopolying the market (SEGA dropped out, Nintendo was in decline) was seen as a threat.

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Because they saw sony as a threat to pc gaming and then they believed sony would start moving up from just a gaming console, and were afraid sony would get too big via the playstation brand and would try to make there own software.

So guys we had the XBOX!



A threat to what? Windows?

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sguy78 said:
A threat to what? Windows?

Microsoft's domination of entertainment in general.

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Yeah it was a threat to PC gaming, taking a piece of the MS pie .

sguy78 said:
A threat to what? Windows?

you know there is this, gaming setups, casual entertaiment setups and the business setup.

gaming its pretty obvious, people would only play on the playstation.

entertaiment also, but casuals pretty much ran to netbooks that even come with linux like just announce chrome os from google.

microsoft been on a decline for a while on those segments.


in netbooks they are actually giving up windows xp for pennies since netbooks can't run vista, also linux pc are cheaper, but they areforcing retailers to get windows xp on them.

even creating fud that people are returning netbooks pc with linux.

Asus already said those claims are false and linux and windows xp returns are the same.

well good luck trying to do the same with google.

oh and the moment nintendo do a bit more powerful console with a bit more entertaiment features microsoft will go against them.

if microsoft it not succesful it will like still remain bigger due the monopoly they have,but with a small share of the pie.


they never been so weak, losing marketshare to apple and linux slowly but happening, and bleeding OS marketshare like crazy to firefox, chrome and safari.




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Yeah, Microsoft entered because of Sony Domination. Ironically though, it wasn't Microsoft who beat Sony. Nintendo managed to turn the tables around all on their own. But there are plenty of benefits of having the xbox 360 around so it's good to see them in the console race regardless.

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