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I'd also like to mention the points at which the trends become irreversible against PS3... Americas: - After Holiday 07'. If Sony has not made strong strides, Halo 3 and a future 360 price drop all but ensure Microsoft will beat Sony. GTA could have combatted Halo 3, but Sony won't have anything comparable, unless Killzone 2 pulls off a miracle. Wii will likely be the second place seller, so long as at least one of the big 3 is critically loved and released before..November. Japan: - May 2007. Sony needs to outsell Wii during Golden Week to keep the prospect of a come back alive in Japan. While I do expect PS3 sales to go up, the Wii will be in stock, and driven by Super Paper Mario. This trend is one that started in fall 2005, not 2006, when PS2 began to slow down, and 3rd parties began to look for their next source of revenue. Nov 1, 2005 -April 30, 2007 is what I consider to be this transition period. Europe: - The most critical period is from launch to October for PS3, but I don't think this will be decided until March 2008 after demand can be assessed for PS3 over the course of a full year. With the Easter holiday approaching, I expect Microsoft and Nintendo to be well stocked for Sony's launch. To reverse all three trends, I'd say Sony needs the luck of the Irish...but I imagine the executives are fairly nervous on this otherwise joyous St. Patrick's Day...

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the reason why the ps3 wont sell that well right now is cause of the pc market. sony wants the ps3 to do alot of things (exactly like a pc does) but you can get a decent pc for under 600 and with a dvd recordable drive. and it has HD in teh monitors already why else can u do the 1080i stuff or whatever. i think blue ray is already dying cause no one cares bout it except sony fanboys. i mean think bout this blue ray doesnt do much in image quality on a regular tv or a hdtv and besides if you buy a ps3 most have to go out and buy an HDtv which costs 500 and above so thats easily 1000 to 1100 dollars so why do that when buying a pc with monitor and printer for 500-800 dollars can not only do all of that but give you more memory and better games. and i can just about guarentee that GTA4 is gonna be on pc. as for the wii its gonna be strong for the length of its life cause of the nongamer factor (u know the same people that bought a ps2 cause of the dvd player?)

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