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Not realising Uncharted even existed when I got my PS3 in late 2007

Hating Sony for so long and missing out on many great games from the PS1-2 era

Not playing EA Active as much as I should.

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oh...and letting my mom talk me into giving my nephews my NES and SNES.

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Back then I had a choice between Mario Kart: Double Dash and Mario Party 5. I chose the latter.

Not locking my door when I left my house only to get My Dreamcast stolen.

Not joining the Pokemon crowd when it was its peak, I would have bought tons of merchandise.

Not putting much time into my console games as I do with my handheld games, I don't know why. >_<

Not playing Wii fit / Animal Crossing: City folks as much.

No particular order.

1. Buying Prototype... just a waste.

2. Ruining my first game opportunity on PS3 with Ratchet and Clank. Sad excuse for a platformer if you ask me.

3. Never playing a Final Fantasy game. Hey it's not my fault I really didn't start playing games til N64 and then never owned a Playstation console til now.

4. Buying Wipeout 64. Should have rented it like my mom said to do 8 years ago so I would know how bad it would be.

5. Thought RE5 would have the story to explain everything... instead got Chris on steroids and a cheesy, cliche ending and setup that even the original creator was face palming.

6. Getting Animal Crossing and Wii Speak together. Seriously AC isn't even my kind of game and there is nothing to use Wii Speak for. And even when there is for Wii Speak why would I give a shit haha.

Yea I think that's a good start.

Buying a PS3 before getting an HDTV

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Buying DS so late in 2008, the system is absolutely incredible i should've got it when DSL was released or before that.

Not buying Mario Kart Wii (i still havent got it for some reason) when i want it i never have cash haha.

Breaking my N64, and getting rid of most of my games for it.

1. Choosing Dark Kingdom over Resistance: Fall of Man, when I first bought my PS3.
2. Heavenly Sword.
3. Ignoring Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.
4. Believing in Square-Enix.

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buying a wii at $250, i still think its overpriced, i should had waited years for a pricedriop.

marciosmg said:
Final Fantasy XII
Kingdom Hearts II

And I will stop here cause I probably angered a lot of people.

Only when you mentioned Kingdom Hearts II, in my opinion and lots of others, XII was a POS when being compared to VI, VII, VIII, IX, and X.

Oh and mine was probably buying Two Worlds for dirt cheap. It was that bad.

I returned it the next day for a full refund but a small piece died in me when I played that horrid RPG.

Just buying a 360....

well...I didn't own a PlayStation...I kinda wish I did because games would be a lot easier to find if I cared back then.

Ooh, and not buying Earthbound when you could like, yaknow buy it.