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Let's use our imagination a little, of MS oferred 100 million to S-E to make Dragon Quest X to 360(i know it's already on wii), how much you think it would sell? It would bomb just because of the console or 360 would have a HUGE bump?

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It would seriously increase the amount of 360s sold in Japan. That's for sure. But I think some people would be a little mad about that. So if I really had to take a guess, 2M-2.5M sales total.

i think it would sell around 1.5 mil because most 360 owners arent that into jrpg games
but it will sell a shit load in japan

Well no 100 million is way to much and would be a waste. It will never happen. Rather that 100 million for an exclusive.




It would only have a Huge boost in Japan. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think any JRPG has give the 360 a huge HW boost in the west. SW-wise it would do 1-1.5m max looking at other JRPGS (TOV, SO4)


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MS already tried something like this with Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. It helped boost sales, but in the long run it didnt have a bid impact.

2 million Japanese parents' wallets would die on this day.

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with 360's install base in Japan being at 1.10m, a lot of buyers would have to get a 360 too just for that game. so it wouldnt put up as many numbers in Japan as it should. and the game is most popular there. so i would say a total of 2 million. with 1.25 million from Japan, and the rest from America/Others combined.





It would sell a lot less then past DQ's but the hardware bump would be a thing to behold!

Microsoft wouldn't be able to ship enough 360's support the sales spike, but in terms of softwareth game would probably sell half of what its predecessors did.

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