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Am I the only one who thinks the second screenshot isn't that great?

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it looks like the middle pic is the only in-game shot. if so, is anyone else not impressed? what's the deal with the blue fog over objects 1000 ft in front of the character? it might be there just to hearken back to the original style of Halo 1/2, but to me it looks sloppy.

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BenKenobi88 said: Am I the only one who thinks the second screenshot isn't that great?
Maybe I'm strange, but I liked the middle shot because it is (obviously) in game and looked pretty good ... Certainly, the top shot looked the best but was something you'd never see while actually playing the game

In my opinion it was clear Halo wouldn´t look that spectacular compared to Unreal engine 3 or Square´s White Engine. For me Halo is about good gaming and fun. And even if this screens don´t seem to be so awesome I´m really looking forward to this game cause it will be great

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Nothing special. Gears of War beats Halo 3 clearly in both art design and amount of realism. EDIT: I've seen more of the in-game screenshots than the one presented here.

The only in-game shot(Second one) does not look good, they will not live up it's hype......!!!!!!...!!!....me thinks no it doesn't.




Come on, games are not all about their graphics. Halo will be an awesome Online experience and a very good single player, too. It´s about the content not the package

OMG!!! It looks like another pretty FPS for the 360. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!! [/sarcasm]

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