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stof said: Isn't Sony still stating that their Pal territories launch will be one million units?
Oops, have they said that? Sorry, didn't remember that. I just saw that before Christmas amazon.de was trying to tell me that I could only get a PS3 if I buy a PSP at the same time. And now the PS3 is easily available. Also, Sony still has to reach to 6 million units in the next two weeks, so why not shipping more to Europe.

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I think they're still saying that, but I'm not sure.

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yeah, Sony is planning to have 6 million PS3's on the market by the end of this month http://www.gwn.com/news/story.php/id/11723/Sony_On_Track_With_PS3_Shipment_Forecasts.html

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I have -several- friends in Japan, in Various areas, Kyoto, Tokyo etc. 6 or 7 of them activley LOOKING for Wii and unable to even find 1. I'd say they're supply constrained in all honesty. Has sony really shipped 6,000,000 cause that makes me kinda giggle on the sell through rate...