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Wasn't there a thread sometime ago that not allowing you to play your legit PC game? Now, if that game was to wipe your HDD instead of only making you jump through hoops just to get it working...

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Hephaestos said:
twesterm said:

I wish more studios would spread malware versions of their game on pirate sites before release.

I would love it if pirates got the their 360's and DS's bricked and PC users getting their system wiped due to them being greedy fucks.

Should I report this post for the insulting language you're using or are you gonna ban yourself?

about the way the tread is turning, I recall an other one a while back with the exact same discussion.... wiping hard drives and all.... and the point of it was that there are people who are borderline anti-piracy fanatics on this site that don't have a clear vision of what is right and wrong, to the point that they'd take actions that are much more blamable than those of the pirates just to hurt them...

try reading the rules. Swearing to an extent is allowed. Foul language is only strictly forbid from thread titles.

Also, most the extreme anti-piracy people are people like twesterm and I who make a living writing software. If people steal our software, then they are stealing from us. You can candy coat it however you like to make yourself feel good, but in the end it is us who suffer when while you benefit from our work.

I'm in a better job then twesterm though, cause I work in a field with 0 piracy

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scottie said:
coonana said:
Hey someone just found a way to kill piracy. If companies spam this all over the internet piracy would be very much reduced.

That would be hella illegal. However, companies don't actually need to release a fake version. They just need to spread the rumour that there is such a version, and people will be too paranoid to download any version.

I can see the legal claim now...

Pirate:  "I was trying to pirate this game and my console got bricked!"

Police:  "You were trying to what now?"

Pirate:  "Uh nevermind."

Police:  "No, let's have a look at that PC.  One... two... three... 75 games pirated.  Oh this is going to be fun."

I could maybe agree with ones that wipe data on the consoles, but on the PC unless they're very careful how they set it up, they could wipe something not replaceable such as personal pictures and such. On PC, maybe even the one that sends a signal back to it's home to report you though I don't know the legality of that, but bricking would be a PR disaster if done officially and would almost certainly result in court problems for the companies.


the rom usually comes the same day of the games release, sometimes even a day before, people only have to wait a little anyway.


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It sounds like they are getting what they deserve xD

Look out zexen!
No wait.
It's only Dragon Quest.

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im sensing Sony behind this xD

twesterm said:
coonana said:
Hey someone just found a way to kill piracy. If companies spam this all over the internet piracy would be very much reduced.

I honestly believe that if a week or two before a game is released just every few days have some person leak a verion that either bricks consoles or wipes hard drives and then go on pirate sites and say the version is legit that it would reduce how much that game gets pirated.

I don't know if it would be a hugely significant amount, but it sure would be fun, and hey, the only people you'd piss off are the ones that aren't buying the game anyways.

And yet I suspect you'd be liable for a potentially much worse damage inflicted on the downloading user. Wiping an HD certainly doesn't compare to downloading a leaked version, which I doubt is even an offence in most countries.

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student said:
Can't people pirate stuff to try it out? I mean, I know it's illegal but I think it's going a little far to want their ds destroyed.


Anyone who tries to download and play an untested version of an unreleased game is asking for it. It doesn't take much to look around and determine if it's legitimate. Having your DS bricked might be a good lesson to not be a retard when it comes to downloading random crap off public torrent sites.

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