Disgaea 3 Trophy Patch Dated by NIS USA! 7/16!!!

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!!! yes been waiting ages for this... until I read their press release..


...... I'm _so_ god damn annoyed... actually I'm harsher words but need to keep things clean..


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That is so dumb. So it just erases your old save files? Good thing I didn't buy this game.

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Its about [fucking] time! I've been avoiding the game for over a month just in case this happened. >_

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finally... too bad i don't have the willpower to grind 10,000+ levels right now or else i would've picked it up after it gets patched

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FUCK YES! Thank god I barely even started it!

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wish I barely got started.. damn 250 hour save file :S


How about Europe?!

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...... after all of that work... re-incarnating.... grinding.... training... Passing all of this reps I had to through on eeach other.....

I have to think long and hard about this.... i'm only 85 hours in and there's still LOADS to do...

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im hoping its for EU aswell im just 30 minutes into it

Ah EU, EU. Ask Square Enix.