exclusive NiGHTS game for the wii??

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Check this out link!!! If this turns out to be true then this is great news for the wii.

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And the announcements just keep on coming. :)

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Some classic game is going to be reborn on the wii... what else is possible ???? Kid icarus comes to mind (some people see an upsidedown eggplant on the website picture...).

This game was born for motion control.

Remember this is the Sega of 2007 and not 1994 that is working on the game.....

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way to be positive cato.

Was it an April Magazine...people love to play April Fools jokes... But Nights is one of my favortie games of all time

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If it says 'Sega' And it's not a classic. I seriously try to keep away. I havent thought a sega game was great in a *very* long while.

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I'm shocked kwaad. I thought you would LOVE virtual fighter 5. I don't think this is an april fools joke, btw.

If this is true, I sure hope someone else helps the Sonic Team make this game...or preferably a whole new team altogether...cause the Sonic Team blows.

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