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I never really ever listened to his music but his influence cannot be understated, extremely shocking news, R.I.P

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even though he was pretty creepy in his last years, he still made fantastic music.

a truly dark day indeed.

RIP Michael Jackson.....


^ as rafi said

rafichamp said:
@Wiitard, why would you even say that? Good thing your banned.

Agreed, that was uncalled for.....

Nintendo still doomed?
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A legend. He defined a generation and his music still impacts us everyday. Rest in peace.

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M.J,rest in peace,you're the greatest entertainer ever.

Good to know that calling someone a scumbag is not a bannable offense, I'll be sure to use that often in the future.

As in go buy us some coffee.


@ Gobias: Where? Pretty much everyone that insulted each other with bad words are banned.

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stevechan said:
M.J,rest in peace,you're the greatest entertainer ever.


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wait a minute, Farah died AND Eddie... bad 2 days for Hollywood.