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Now you have a good reason to buy MP3! I'm getting it.

Go buy Metroid OTHER M!

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DO WANT. I am buying it just for the case(having all three games on one disk is extra for me). I am going to stay up two days replaying all three.

I have to admit looks very tempting

ZOMG!!!....wow cant not wait


I can't resist anything that comes in a tin case. Definitely buying now.

Is it coming to Europe the same day?

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fazz said:
Well good work superchunk, now I need new pants.

I guess you're happy now.

You know my likes all too well. ;)

I may have been the first person in the United States to preorder this. As soon as GameStop had it available for preorder, I put my reservation down on it.

Almost got it paid off now...


One question though: can you use your Corruption savegames for this, or do you have to start over?

omg, bring this to Europe as well, please. I need the collector's edition. :D

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Does anyone know if they are using the US or Europe versions of Metroid Prime?