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Pedophilia is now comedy...WOW...that's sick...totally sick. Milo is a tech demo, not a product that is on sale, and you're getting sexual thoughts about it...that's just sick.

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British comedians eats american comedians for lunch any day.

This was great. Not sick, but great.

Garnett said:
badgenome said:
disolitude said:
I can't wait to abuse Milo. Verbaly mostly though...I have no sexual abuse desires...YET!

Well, there's supposed to be a girl and a dog, too, you know!

ALL RIGHT A DOG! I know what im gonna be touchin in its inappropriate places !

OMG... man Im such a simple guy for rolling on the floor after reading this comment :P


OT: Milo is a bit strange, but Im expecting a bigger variety of characters when the full software is released...

Citan said:

British comedians eats american comedians for lunch any day.

You changed usernames, but you didn't change your tune, I see.

The game is squarely aimed at children so I don't see what the harm is. It is sad to see people with (in my opinion) minds so perverted that they see or imagine pedophilia everywhere.

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Pea-duh-file. heh.

Pixel Art can be fun.

LOL at overreactions. Oh noes! I've been offended by a comedian, just like everyone else in the world at some point!

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A Koopa's Revenge II gameplay video


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Just look at the whole forum...this is the week of overreactions :)

OT: I just know there are gonna be a bunch of creepy Japanese games where you talk with a girl in schooluniform. And you can "touch" her by moving your hand against her, lift her skirt...you get the picture.
I can also see a whole genre of "Train pervert" games.

Natal outselling Wii Fit in Japan confirmed.

Serious people of this thread needs to be shot on sight.

If he had said "Makes it impossible for people over 30 to buy it without feeling/looking like an oversized baby/mamas boy/retard".. you'd get where he's coming from. Same thing, different words. Pedophile just made it more - In your face!