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Keep everything, add a mic, m+ integrated on nunchuck and wiimote. Make wiimote and nunchuck connected wirelessly with each other.

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Having an analogue stick on the remote would be useful, probably. Also, I find the 1 and 2 buttons are a bit hard to reach while holding the remote vertically.

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Keep IR, sound, and rumble. Add rumble to nunchuck as well.

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I would like if they add the x and y buttons on top of the big A button, like in the GC controller. Thus no longer using the arrow down button of the contrl pad. But kee the control pad as well for sideways use.

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Make the Wiimote about 1.5 - 2 times as thick, from the main button side.

Move the nunhucks analogue stick onto the Wii mote between the d-pad and the + button, put another analogue stick between the + button and the 1 button.

Add both 3 and 4 buttons above 1 and 2 (if hold the wiimote horizontally).

Add buttons onto the side of the remote on the opposite of the side the analogue sticks are.

Remove the nunchuck completely.

Add a few more buttons here and there and slightly alter the shape of the Wiimote.


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I think the wiimote is fine, only add the M+. What needs improvements is the Nunchuck, should be wireless, with better motion sensors, IR.... or change it for another wiimote but with an analogue stick.

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Remove the Motion controls and add dual analog controls.

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