Why can't 360 and PS3 be as reliable as the Wii?

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rafichamp said:
The PS3's failure rate is lower then the Wii's.

I wouldn't have called that. Stats please!

See my first post, it says all!

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twesterm said:
yo_john117 said:

What i'm wondering is why don't MS and Sony try to be more like nintendo with making their consoles so they don't die so often.  Is it that hard to make a reliable console??

So do you think that MS and Sony are purposly making their consoles fail?

No, I'm just wondering why they don't test more and jsut try to make a more reliable console.  Sorry if i came accross that way.

Steroid said:
PS3's and Wii's fail rate is on Par.

I highly doubt that.  you never hear of wii's breaking but i've been hearing all sorts of story's of PS3"s breaking.  I would say there's at least a couple of percent difference between the fail rates  of the Wii and PS3

Nintendo has a more tight quality control when it come to finished products. MS has a HUGE history of releasing rushed products and then fix them later. I am not sure about the PS3 but I have heard that most of the first and second generation PS2 had drive failures issues.

Other thing may be how the consoles are designed. Because Wii doesn't have dozens of chips and a hard drive, it consummes less enegrgy and doesn't heat a lot and that keeps the hardware safer.

A lot of problems are heat related and Nintendo dodges that bullet pretty well by a more conservative design. Certainly they can and do fail but at a commendably low rate. But to give credit where it's due, they put in some impressive build quality. Next time you change the batteries in the Wiimote, check out the battery holder. They could have just used a bent piec of metal like the rest of the world but no............

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Gilgamesh said:

What are you talking about, all consoles break down including the Wii.

In my experience I never had a Sony product break on me so the PS3 is pretty reliable for me.

I'm not saying the wii doesn't break down, i'm saying that i've never (till this thread) ever heard of a wii breaking down before.

the Wii breaks alot if you have a pirated game on it, in here alot of people pirate games and the wii is always in the repair bin , more than the X360 and the Ps3.

as for if you use it correctly its like this

Wii > PS3 > Xbox 360

in Reliablity

rafichamp said:
The PS3's failure rate is lower then the Wii's.

Lol ok, whatever helps you to sleep at night man

Simple, Wii hardware are so outdated they never overheat. Plus, it's a very simple architecture unlike 360 and PS3s.

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rafichamp said:
The PS3's failure rate is lower then the Wii's.

Do you wonder why no one takes you seriously?

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