Why can't 360 and PS3 be as reliable as the Wii?

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wii and ps3 failure rate was still under 1% in 2007-08, but I hear many 60gb models are dying lately, mine is still fine

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Well, we know that MS wanted to beat Sony to releasing the newest console in the market, since MS believed that the first console of the newest gen always wins (wondering how that is panning out). Because of that, the equipment was less than perfect...

And Sony is somewhat notorious for the faulty PS2s that don't read disks correctly, thus forcing one to buy several of them.

Now Nintendo seems to be one that hasn't been plagued by problems with their consoles, but they aren't free of them. There are Wiis that do have disk errors due to dust collecting in the drives, but Nintendo has been nice enough to fix it.

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So PS3's break, 360's break but not the Wii?

^That sentence includes the culprit, try and find it.

There is no discussion to have. The Wii has far simpler hardware, it's more like a PSP than a PS3 and thus doesn't require as much power and therefore far less heat.

yes, my wii did "die" once. it wouldnt read any games and wouldnt play any of the channels. just kinda turned on and thats it. but i got it fixed and it has been fine ever since.

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What are you talking about, all consoles break down including the Wii.

In my experience I never had a Sony product break on me so the PS3 is pretty reliable for me.

The PS3's failure rate is lower then the Wii's.

Maybe because Wii uses older tech it is more durable. ( less heat etc.)

PS3s are breaking down? I hadn't heard that.

One point of failure which the Wii isn't vulnerable to is the hard drive. More moving parts means more chances to fail, simple as that.

Wiis aren't immune to failure, though. Of course they have the disc read issue, which can be fixed with a simple cleaning. That's a minor problem, though. I understand some units have bad video RAM in them, causing video distortions and leading to more serious failures.

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Well it's a fact that Sony game systems break down way more often than Nintendo's. And we all know how well Microsofts machines fare in this category...
Anyone denying this is just a biased fanboy.
I'm not saying Nintendo systems don't break down or never have problems, it's just that they're more stable and reliable than either Sony's or Microsoft's, and that's that.

I own every single Nintendo console and handheld ever created since the NES, except for the VB, and all of them still work flawlessly. None of them ever broke down. My GameCube froze two times while playing a game, that's all that's *ever* happened to me.

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