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Going to gift my nephew, 8 years old. He'll be playing with his younger brother, 5 years old.

There are 3 options.

1. Wii Music

2. Animal Crossing + Speak

3. Excite Bots: Trick Racing + Wheel

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i would probably say excite bots. its not hard top learn to play and its really entertaining. i have a feeling they might get bored with wii music and think its a novelty. have never played an animal crossing so i cant recommend it

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I'm going to say Excitebots too. It uses a wheel! A Wheel man!

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Excitebots would be my suggestion just for the multi-player. Dunno anything about Wii Music though so it might rock out with 2 people.

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Excitebots, then AC, and last Wii Music.

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Excite Bots is awesome and no one has bought it.

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excite bots or MKWii

(or punch out, like that they don't hit each other in real life :p)


Seems Excite Bots won.

As for Punch Out!
I definitely won't pick that. The kid kept punching his way closer and closer to the TV when he plays WeeSport Boxing.

you really cant go wrong with mario kart

Excitebots. Easier to pick up and play.

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