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They really should do a price drop, Sony just needs to price drop both their systems.




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gamingdevil said:For God's sake it's not only the price!! 110m+ ppl in the world have a PS2! Why bother buying a PSP which just offers ports or sequels? (some exceptions also like FFVII) It's not even like a portable, HUGE loading times, shitty analog stick, and games that you need a lot of time to play. On the other hand the DS has better controls thanks to the touch screen and better buttons, tiny loading times, easy to pick up games, (I never played casual games, i like games like God of War, FF, MGS etc.) and you can't even imagine how many hours i spent playing Cooking Mama and Brain Training! The DS has lower-quality addictive games (with the exceptions of FFIII, the upcoming DQIX and FFXII:RW and some others), while the PSP has better quality PORTS and SEQUELS and games not easy to pick up. (with some exceptions like LocoRoco).
You took the words out of my mouth. Allot more goes into a handheld than just the price and game selection, not to mention it's a vastly different market than consoles.

Leo-j said: If a dvd for a pc game holds what? Crysis at 3000p or something, why in the world cant a blu-ray disc do the same?

ssj12 said: Player specific decoders are nothing more than specialized GPUs. Gran Turismo is the trust driving simulator of them all. 

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jman8 said: they never really dropped the PSP's price, they just got rid of the Value Pak crap. I really hope they redesign it to resemble a GBA SP because then i may be able to justify trading in my current model. Bottomline is that while the PSP is selling decently, it definitely needs a shot in the arm to generate consumer faith, which is what it is seriously lacking.
in other words... turn it into a DS? thats like saying, i hope they give it an extra screen and make 1 of them a touch screen. haha, j/k man. but it is funny, i remember before they came out everyone was generally slightly more excited about the PSP and people said the DS' design was ugly, and now look. they cant sell them. they could lower em to 10 bucks and throw in a game for free and i wouldnt waste my money on them. the DS is great, and this is a full time no life loser giving them reply, so im no amature gamer.... yea, i suck at life, i know.

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