Am I alone in thinking Super Mario RPG is inferior to other Mario RPGs?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Am I alone in thinking Super Mario RPG is inferior to other Mario RPGs?

Paper Mario > Any other Mario games

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Super Mario RPG got me back into RPG's again. Paper Mario is good but I still love Mario RPG and the graphics were amazing for the SNES.

Nope! I agree, but I still think it was great.

I played them in this order: PM, TTYD, M&L, PiT, SPM, RPG, and soon to be BiS

PM was my favorite followed by TTYD, PiT, SSS, SPM, RPG.

Yes, I am including Super Paper Mario. I think the game is great even though it is 90% platformer.

I was not big on the second Paper mario gamecube game...seemed more of a rehash of the first just prettier.

I LOVE the one on N64 and I only have the first Saga on GBA and it was fun and cute and the SNES RPG prob is nostalgia since I got it on what I consider the best birthday ever for me with my new SNES then I love it and brings memories but out of all of them I enjoy the very first Paper Mario the most.

Not really inferior but I liked both Paper Marios(not counting SPM) and both M&L more.

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Kasz216 said:
Cheebee said:

Yeah, basically the later games are all vastly superior, it's just that, well, SMRPG was the first Mario RPG. People get blinded by nostalgia and tend to look at the game through rose-tinted glasses. Sure it's a great game, but the later ones are just, well, better. I think most evryone would agree if they were to look at each game objectively and unbiased. Though everyone is entitled to their own opinion, of course.

Did the later ones have Geno?

I think not.

Ok.  I didn't really love Geno... but a lot of people did for some reason.  Why no one every made a second game with him i'll never know.

Anyway.  I dunno.  Super Mario RPG i think really did the best job of combining RPG with Mario.  The rest have been good... but not been quite as RPGish to me.

Whether a certain game did a better job than another one of incorporating RPG elements into its gameplay is totally irrelevant as to which is the better overall game. Doesn't have anything to do with anything. :p More or less RPG elements do not make it a better or worse game.

Zelda II did a better job of including RPG elements into the game than OOT did, but no-one will claim it's a better game. No-one who isn't trolling around anyway.

Still, everyone can have his or her own opinion. ;)


Oh, and Geno was just awkward. I mean, people who say Tingle is weird obviously haven't seen Geno.

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SMRPG>>PPM(64)>Mario & Luigi saga

Mario RPG is superior on Characters, Music, ad even story, maybe tied in gameplay.

Yes, yes you are a lone. From a biased standpoint I have to say it's better. From an objective standpoint I would have to say that it's still better.

That is all.

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the First 2 Paper Mario games were some of my favorite games on on the N64 and Gamecube...that being said Super Mario RPG blow both of those games out of the water. You might be a graphics person and not a story kind of guy, in which case yes both Paper Mario games obviously look better.

Youre right, they are better then SMRPG




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