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A message from Darthdevidem01:

So as you all know season 2 of UnReal Talk starts with this episode. Kantor is doing season 2 of UnReal Talk. This is due to many reasons which include me not being able to do it & an attempt to make sure everything remains fresh for the viewers.

A new person doing UnReal Talk means new innovations, ideas & a certain level of freshness!

I hope season 2 goes very well, just like season 1 did. The aim is to always give you the best content & the best quality throughout, I have full confidence in Kantor & I firmly believe that he will be able to surpass the quality of the season 1 episodes.

I would've said this myself in the thread, but I'm on a first aid course for 2 weeks, so I won't be here for the episode (which has begun just now).

Best of luck Kantor with Season 2 of UnReal Talk!

And to all you Vg Chartz viewers, enjoy & keep it UnReal!

See you all in 2 weeks!

Basically, Darthdevidem01 is currently very busy with exams and the like. I asked if I could help him out, and he agreed happily. I will be hosting Season 2 of Unreal Talk, every Friday, right here in Gaming Discussion, from now until August, when Darth will return to host Season 3. This is officially certified by Darthdevidem01, I am not trying to steal his show.

We begin with an all new interview, and several new segments (as well as popular returning ones), which show that UnReal Talk is truly about the readers.

So, let’s begin with an interview of VGC’s very own Pat Fass, better known as TalonMan!


1) Interview with TalonMan

2) Celebrities and Members

3) Five Word Reviews

4) Caption Contest

5) Unscramble The Game Name

6) Who's That Avatar?

7) Name The Character

8) Final Comments

Interview With TalonMan

1) How long have you been on VGChartz?

I've been a part of VGChartz for about 2 1/2 years now. Actually, the more I think on it, it's actually been a bit longer - I used to frequent the GameSpot forums (specifically, the System Wars section) during the GCN/PS2/Xbox generation,  when a sales argument broke out and somebody posted a link to everythingandnothing.org.uk. For those that don't know, that was Brett's first crack at recording sales numbers and it was a static page listing some very basic shipment numbers. I was immediately intrigued by the concept and while it wasn't updated very often, it was PERFECT for starting (and ending) debates in a System Wars type forum. Anybody interested in taking a peek into the past can see it here: http://web.archive.org/web/20060217061518/www.everythingandnothing.org.uk/vg/vgsales.php

2) What has changed since you joined, and how have you changed the site?

Dear Lord, where to start!! So much has changed here since I first joined - from that static page on everythingandnothing to the fledgling vgcharts.org to the VGChartz naming rebrand to the 2.0 you now see - it's nearly impossible to define any one thing that's specifically changed...    ...EVERYTHING has changed!! My main contribution to our change is really to help Brett find things that can make us unique from other gaming sites. He and I work very well together in this regard as we almost always have those 'Yeah, I was thinking the same thing!' type moments.

3) Are you happy with VGC 2.0?

Thrilled with it! True, there are still lots of things that need to be done and loads of features that we wanted to include but had to temporarily cut in order to make the E3 deadline, but overall how can you NOT be happy with where the site is now??? Yeah, we got lots of grumbling from certain members, but that's ALWAYS to be expected. There were people crying and complaining when Brett moved from vgcharts.org to vgchartz.com - it's the nature of the business. People get 'comfortable' and do not like change - but given time, they eventually come to accept and then can look back and say, 'WOW, that site really WAS outdated and sorely in need of this update!'

4) When did work on the new version of the site begin?

Hard to put an actual start date on this. I know Brett and I had begun discussing it probably 6-9 months ago and he had been going steady on it MONTHS before I had a chance to even dig in (I was busy finishing up certain features on the old site when he had already begun on the new). I probably invested a solid 2 months on the new site before launch with most of my time dedicated to the game pages and the new features there.

5) When did you earn your position of Site Admin, and why were you considered for the job?

Boy, you're really testing my memory now! Well, if I recall correctly, the 'Site Admin' position was created after I had already begun working on the site - so, as somebody already developing on the site, it was only natural that I join the admin role. As for how it all started, well it was a pretty fast moving train. Brett was first looking for news contributors which I immediately signed on for - at the time, there was no designation of 'contributor', so if you were writing news articles, you were also a moderator. Then the game database was introduced and its maintenance became my mission. I began harassing Brett on a near daily basis with features and improvements we desperately needed to make and (as I've alluded to in the past) I think he got sick and tired of all the PMs and set me loose to make the changes myself - and like a kid in a candy store, I jumped on it! Soon after, we both realized that my role could be expanded to do general updating/enhancements/fixing and so, here we are today.

6) How are you so good at what you do? You often implement large features in a matter of minutes.

Well, now I'm blushing. :P   All kidding aside, I've been a programmer for many years now so I'm quite apt at getting stuff done. At the same time, as I've said before, it's really a collaborative effort between Brett and myself. My experience is heavily rooted in database programming so I tend to do a lot of the backend and tool/functionality work while Brett is better equipped at actual web design and the front-end you all get to see and enjoy. To be honest, very little of what you see is actually done in a few minutes - much of the development of large features goes on in our test area or in places normal users cannot see or access. Sure, some bugs that appear to be MAJOR are actually quite minor and can be fixed with one line of code, but don't be fooled - we invest ALOT of time into the features you see on this site. And I'm extremely anal about releasing buggy code, I rarely release something that I haven't extensively tested or nabbed somebody to help me test. Sure, sometimes bugs can make their way out, but more often than not we put together a decent test plan before release to you guys.

7) What is your favourite thing about VGChartz?

Of course, I'm probably a bit biased, but I love the game pages and the revamp that's gone on in there. We've added so many nice features in there and reworked many of the old - I just really enjoy the flow of that section. When I see users earn $$ because somebody bought their FAQ, when I look at the boxart slideshow that evolved out of my rudimentary design on the old site, when I look at all of the amazing artwork people have submitted for the game banners so far...   ...really all of it has a profound effect on me - I can't say enough about that section.

8) Since we are on a video game site, go on. What consoles do you own, and what are your favourite games?

Ok, so here come the chants of VGChartz is biased and I'm a Nintendo fanboy, but I'm sorry - I've been a Nintendo fan forever. I was about 12 years old when the NES launched (after having witnessed first-hand the death of the 'old' videogame industry) and I remember walking out of our local K-Mart after having purchased my NES with my Easter money. It was the original NES with R.O.B. and the box was HUGE - it had a handle on it just to carry the damn thing! I was so proud walking out of that store with it...    ...I still have that console and all of its accessories - all tucked neatly into that very same box. I have owned (and still do) every Nintendo console since - each one packed into its original box once a successor is launched. And I've done the same with each of their handhelds as well. Call me obsessive, but as a collector I can't help but want to preserve the past. I've also owned most Sega consoles (Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast) and a PS1, but my heart still lies with the Nintendo hardware...   ...sorry guys. :P

9) Finally, what do you think of Unreal Talk, darthdevidem01 and myself?

Great feature! It's nice to get a perspective from the community as to the goings on both inside and outside of the forums. Keep up the great work guys!!!

Thanks to TalonMan for that excellent interview! For details on how to be interviewed, see the bottom of the post!

Celebrities And Members

I will name six celebrities, and you say which VGC member they remind you of! Simple! Remember, there's no right on wrong answer, but there are TalonMan's answers, which I will be posting later. Give a brief explanation of why you chose who you did.

TalonMan's answers are up!

Kantor's answers are in yellow!


TheSource - come on, look at that 'stache!

Supermario128 - It's in his name!

George Washington

ioi - he's our fearless leader, how could it NOT be him?!?!?

ioi- same reason as TalonMan. He's the leader, and nobody questions him! He also created an entirely new country/site.

John Cleese

Leo-j - he's the Black Night in Monty Python. No matter how many times he's been punished around here, he continually comes back for more completely oblivious to the abuse already levied on him. ;)

RolStoppable - It's been a while since he was funny, but he used to be hilarious, and we all remember him for that.

Ken Kutaragi

MikeB - aka, the spec-head. There isn't a bit, byte, or pixel that he's afraid to quote and or use against you!

CrazzyMan - His faith in PlayStation never dies!

Bill Gates

Oliist - look at the dude's wealth around here - 'nuff said

Nordlead - Used to be the richest, then gave a bunch of money away, and is now one of the richest again.

Lex Luthor

Kirby007 - he's the villain that even while destroying the planet, you can't help but be amused by him

Squilliam - Attempts to be villainous, but he's more funny than evil. And he keeps getting owned

Ten Word Reviews

inFamous: Great story, some glitches, decent graphics, awesome powers, outstanding overall.

Killzone 2: Phenomenal graphics, great shooting, you'll play for a long time.

If you want your ten word review featured, send it to me via PM. The first three PMs I get will be included in the NEXT episode of UnReal Talk!


Caption Contest

Post “Caption:” and then your caption, and I will include it in the post. I will decide the winner in 24 hours. If you do not post “Caption:” first, your caption WILL NOT be included!

Live Update Space:

Squilliam: The great Knight Lancelot prepares his lance in order to do battle with the devilish damsel

WereKitten: When worlds collide. Slowly.

Torillian: "You figured out how to steer these things yet? "Nah, I've been standing here for weeks."

Kantor (I can't win, though): "I told you the Cell was a time machine!"

WINNER: WereKitten: When worlds collide. Slowly.


Unscramble The Game Name!

Each word is jumbled, and the words are in a random order. The following are all Sony games (the company will change each week):

  1. Erga Dosli Ltmae Metal Gear Solid
  2. Eskrda Netuorf Nauetchrd Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
  3. Fo Ohwdsa Eth Ossusocl Shadow of the Colossus

The first person to get all of them right (not one, not two, ALL OF THEM), will have their name (hyperlinked of course) and avatar displayed in this post!

WINNER: WereKitten


Who's That Avatar?


Guess who each avatar belongs to!




Same rules as before- the first person to get all three right will have their own name and avatar displayed right here!

WINNER: Pearljammer 




Name The Character!

These start off easy, and get progressively harder.


ANSWER: Ratchet (Ratchet and Clank)

WINNER: SmokedHostage


ANSWER: Alex Mercer (Prototype)

WINNER: WereKitten


    ANSWER: Reaper (Unreal Tournament III)

    WINNER: WereKitten


    Three of the four have been answered- anybody want to try and guess the fourth?


    Final Comments

    I hope you’ve all enjoyed the show, and liked me as a host! Remember, UnReal Talk is always open to suggestions from the readers- if there is anything at all you want me to know, send me a message.

    If you would like to be interviewed, send me a message saying so, and also mentioning why you think you would make an interesting interviewee.

    There's tons of content, so get posting and taking part!

    See you again in two weeks!

    Disclaimer: Unreal Inc. accepts no responsibility for lack of accuracy in thread titles.

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    Ratchet and Alex Merrier?

    Anyway, interesting read.

    Pixel Art can be fun.

    ^It's fixed now. Post really messed up the first time.

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    Uhm, this should have been much much harder
    1) Metal Gear Solid
    2) Uncharted: Drake's fortune
    3) Shadow of the Colossus

    "All you need in life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure." - Mark Twain

    "..." - Gordon Freeman

    I will not reveal the answers until tomorrow.

    You may or may not be correct.

    Also, that's the easiest segment.

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    Those members are:

    Selnor; and
    highwaystar 101

    Those characters? I only know of Ratchet. I know the games that some of the others are in, just not their names.

    Man, i couldn't figure out data

    Come on, guys! There's so much stuff! Nobody's posted a caption, guessed all four of the characters in the pictures, or said which VGC member reminds them of the celebrities!

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    ah i wondered why darth didn't spam my wall lol

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