Which game will sell more first week WW? Forza 3 or Grand Turismo 5?

Forums - Sales Discussion - Which game will sell more first week WW? Forza 3 or Grand Turismo 5?

BTW this thread is retarted.

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Xigmund said:
seece said:
Xigmund said:
Since Forza doesn't even have a quarter of the quality Gran Turismo has...


I new you were a fanboy when you joined, absurd statement.

A fanboy because I stated the fact that Gran Turismo has more quality as a franchise? Go to your dunce corner big boy, you're english and invented the language and don't even know the difference between "new" and "knew" LOL! YOU my friend really are  annoying, just like these people have told me.


You said it yourself; GT5 will outsell Forza 3 because it's more popular. I said because the franchise is better as a whole.

Dunce? that isnt very nice is it? it is also a bit rich considering you say Forza 3 doesnt have a 1/4 of the quality that GT has... neither are out yet.

I'm not really here!

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bonkers555 said:
Yeah, Forza 3 have a chance of outselling GT 5 like KillZone 2 outselling Halo 3. We all know how that turn out. LOL.

No-one said KZ2 would outsell Halo 3 (and were being serious).

Forza 3 is going to outsell Grand Turismo like the game doesn't exist! Im thinking you should kick over this '8' to get an infinity sign going on because thats how tragic its going to be for Grand Turismo fans.


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badgenome said:
seece said:
And the obvious answer is GT by a country mile, this is why you're not as popular as darth, your threads suck.

So do darth's.

Congrats on inventing the English language, by the way. I'm a big fan of it!

Darth's threads may be stupid, sometimes, but he makes them interesting, and that's why they get posts.

Should making Darth's threads for the next two weeks be my job? I've got Unreal Talk until September.

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isn't it obvious?

dsister44 said:
forza, because when the previous gran turismos were on a system with a much higher install base

GT3 released on a relatively small PS2 userbase and went on to sell in excess of 13 million.

The majority of sales for titles like GT come from the initial, core install base, so the PS3 being at ~25million on GT5's launch will be no obstacle.

badgenome said:
Forza, because Grand Turismo doesn't exist.

Its vaporware.

Gran Turismo, because its safe to bet on the side thats won the most times.

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