Betting Time: Week 1 for MH3, WSR, DQIX & HW Boosts in Japan

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Hey TheSource any early numbers yet for Monster Hunter 3?

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Hmmm so in summary:

Wii Sports Resort lifted Wii from 17k to 21k and then to 24k...25% and then 15%. It did ~350k week one

Dragon Quest IX lifted DS from 55k to 141k and it did...2.35m week one and has sold over 150k four weeks in a row.

Monster Hunter 3 lifted Wii from 23k to 93k and it did...580k week one.


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Source, you should make another one of these. Maybe include Wii Fit+, Pokemon G/S Remakes and Samurai Warriors 3?

Those are the biggest games with a confirmed release date and come out before December, so you could make another one for December if say FFXIII, Tales of Graces, KH:BBS and Professor Layton 4 come out by then.

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i was spot on for MH3! most didnt get the hardware boost for WSR right though.

anyways great numbers all around, now we just have to see whether MH3 will hold up like the PSP iterations or drop like it did on the PS2.


Khem... I'm absolutely astonished with performance of MHTri. If it follows Mario Kart Wii /also started around 580k/ pattern I'll lose my bet.

Anyway I feel defeated right now. Even if it goes like 580->180->110k->70k =940k the general picture is disturbing... Bet has it's conditions though.

I'm ready for both outcomes