Two brand new direct feed videos of The Conduit

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Looks pretty SWEET! Can't wait!

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Seven days to go! I cannot wait. I do not useually preorder anything let alone go inside a gamestop, but i went to gamestop bout 2 months ago and preordered this.

Looks sweet, but what's the difference?

it looks like a pc fps from a bit of time ago...sweet ;)



Wait a minuet, i didn't know the enemies had health bars. That is just awesome. This game reminds me so much of Goldeneye 007. I am going to thoroughly enjoy this.

How technical is your game?

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Time to preorder :)

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I am expecting a review from IGN either tmw or on thursday.



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This game is gonna be nut.

Earns the right to be compared to Perfect Dark, if you ask me.

Totally hyped.

On the down side, this and Little King's Story come out on the same day... : (

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7.....days.....i dont think i can last....

by the way, in the second movie called "shotgun mayhem", he spent most of his time playing with the ASE, and about 10 seconds killing 3 guys with the shotgun.....?