Which year do you think the next Zelda Wii will arrive?

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Late 2010, I'm hoping for and expecting until there's an official announcement. Delays are possible, but Miyamoto is hoping for a late 2010 release.

And why not release Mario, Metroid and Zelda in the same year? Mario could be Q1/Q2, Metroid Q2/Q3 (depending on Galaxy 2 release date) and Zelda in Q4, with smaller titles like Sin and Punishment 2, Monado and Endless Ocean 2 in between. If the most titles Nintendo have released in one year for one format is 12(is that correct?), why can't they release 6, or probably more in the same year, with 3 of those being big IP's?

In my opinion, it's exactly the kind of big software push that Nintendo need next year. They've still got stuff like F Zero, Starfox, Kirby, Pikmin, Wave Race to use, Wii Vitality, and rumoured revivals like Pilotwings and Kid Icarus. Plus Retro's new title. Any of those could be unveiled for 2010, or 2011. They don't need to spread their first party titles too thinly.

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2012 is my guess. We need a trailer and a couple of pushed back release dates. It's tradition!

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2011, sadly. They're still figuring out the gameplay mechanics... that means they're not really that far into development!

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Late 2010 sadly.
No way in hell this is gonna be 2011. Im gonna be fucking 19 by then....

Valkyria00 said:
Late 2010 sadly.
No way in hell this is gonna be 2011. Im gonna be fucking 19 by then....

So will I. Waiting 5 years after I buy my console sucks like you wouldn't believe.

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I believe holiday 2010

Well a good 2010 will be Metroid early before the summer, probally right b4 the summer begins.

Then SMG2 around the early fall probally late Sept.

Then Zelda Wii in Nov. or Dec.

That would be a highly sucessful 2010 ending for Nintendo.

Most likely though they all will be pushed back a couple months, and Zelda more likely to be an fall of 2011 event.

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It will hopefully come in mid 2010.

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The Legend of Zelda Wii in December 2010

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Come on, Zelda is not prepared even for a 2010 holiday season release! They had nothing to show this E3 about the game, only an artwork. Next year we will see 'the first' trailer of Zelda.

I don't understand WTF has Zelda Team doing since Twilight Princess development was finished....