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love this list, so glad it wasn't infected by Nintencrap, but where's duke nukem, the 2nd game was awesome

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I disagree with 16, 15, 12, 11, 6, 1. There are either better examples from the same genre or completely worthy examples.


shadow of the colossus and LBP are cop outs..

Pong should be on every innovation list.. It brought videogames to the masses after all.
Mario 64 should be much higher on the list also...
Also half life 2 because not just cause of the excellent source engine, but because it helped bring DD into what it is today. (You had to activate it on a steam account)

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too many FPS

id take Modern warfare off that list

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I just can't agree with Bioshock even being on that list.

Morality and free will played major roles in BioShock, with the fate of a damned world resting on your feeble shoulders. Would you take the easy path to power and harvest the Little Sisters who fed off the dying world of Rapture? Or would you strive to be Mr. Nice Guy and save them instead? Beyond being a kind of virtual Rorschach test, BioShock is also enormously influential for advancing steampunk chic in the form of its beautiful but decaying Art Deco environments, as well as for condensing highbrow philosophical concepts (particularly Ayn Rand's Objectivism) into a gripping, digestible game experience. But the real spark in the BioShock experience was the realization that you could choose to be the hero or the villain, and that killing the protective Big Daddies would leave you face-to-face with a helpless Little Sister who could do nothing but shiver at you in fear. Rescue or harvest: What would you do?

That description was basicly one big lie as Fallout 3 has opened my eyes. Your moral choice are mostly an illusion, and your choice of good or evil really only effects the end game cut scenes. Bioshock was an average FPS with an above average plot and art direction and doesn't deserve to make any best of list.

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I wouldve put GTA3 at #1, and Mario 64 as #2.

GTA also should get credit for the mature themes and diving into the criminal world as deeply as it did. I don't remember any games that had so much swearing in it before GTA did it. Now it seems like every game on Ps360 has swearing.

Portal, BioShock, and Modern Warfare do not belong on that list.

Id replace them with

Crash Bandicoot... 2.5D... the first and only of it's kind

Virtua Fighter... original 3D fighter. Not as original as Street Fighter, but was far more original than FPS games with a few new twists.

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:( would have liked to see Goldeneye But Awsome list agreed 100%

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Funny that they say "most innovative games EVER" and include all 3D games.

Shouldn't DUCK HUNT be on that list?? It was the first shooting game, and spawned a lot of arcade shooters like Area 51, House of the Dead, Time Crisis, and many others.

The gun was also the first peripheral and probably inspired the motion control that Wii is now using.

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Awful list. It should be games than invented genres, not recent games that made slight refinements to gameplay. If this list was actually researched I'm sure it would be full of 2600, and NES games, witht hte possible exception of Super Mario 64. It's riduclous that not one of these games predates the '90s. A few I can agree were innovative, but just because a game is good and has a few interesting gameplay ideas doesn't make it innovative.

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A Koopa's Revenge II gameplay video

I'm actually shocked not to see Ocarina of Time on that list. That game made Z-Targeting all the rage back in the day, and really set the standards for what a 3D adventure game should be.