I'm thinking of buying a wii..but is it worth it?

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tiger alone btw

if you like golf games even a little

best games on the wii maybe

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The Wii is great in its own way. If you really like your Racing Sims & FPS then it probably isn't a wise choice. However the Wii has plenty of fun and unique games like Deadly Creatures, MadWorld or Bloom Blox. Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart Wii, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess & Super Smash Bros Brawl, although maybe arent your fave, are all worth playing as they are really really good. Even more so if you can take your Wii online and make use of the Virtual Console/WiiWare/Channels. It is worth, but do your homework first. Check out plenty of titles, reviews/youtube videos etc. Personally the Wii has been the best console I've ever owned.



Don't forget the Wii has the Virtual Console so you can buy games on past consoles that you may have wanted to try but never had the opportunity to.

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The Wii will give you a very different experience that the HD consoles.

Certain games are just inherently much more fun with Wii controls from Sports (Tiger Woods, tennis), racing (Mario Kart), surprisingly sandbox games (Godfather, Scarface, Bully) and even FPS (Conduit) where aiming is much more precise than with analog.

Wii also allows for games simply not possible on HD systems like Zack & Wiki, Boom Blox, true tilt games (Mecury Meltdown, Marble Saga), Let's Tap and others. Moreso with the balance board (Wii Fit, Shaun White) - There's about 3 dozen games supporting the bb currently and growing.

It also tends to offer more pick and play experiences than the HD consoles do. Good for people who don't want to play for hours at a time. And WiiWare and Virtual Console offer some excellent games.

However, online is more limited, as are graphics and Wii doesn't attract many 'serious' story driven action games or RPGs. Also motion controls don't work as well on some genres (fighters) as traditional controls.

While there is endless crap out there, there's also a wealth of great titles and many more coming so there would be no problem in finding enough wonderful games to justify the purchase. Heck if you use it to exercise that alone justifies the cost.

In the end it all depends on what you want out of it and what you like to play. Personally, I don't like Mario or Zelda but I love my Wii.


mario kart is an awesome game, and has very fun online, especially if you participate in the vgchartz league^^

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i think it mostly depends on your lifestyle, if the only games you like are GTA IV, shooters and this stuff i don't think it fits to you

if you like more happy games, like Mario, Pikmin and so on, it really deserves buying!

but there are a lot of people that say "Wii is simply not for me"

if you are energetic for instant, Wii is for you as well, if you find it boring sitting on a sofa for example, like me : P

Zelda and Metroid are top btw, Monster Hunter and a lot of core are coming and i believe after 2.5 years of Wii there are enough AAA to keep you busy, and the best are still coming, so if you think it fits to your lifestyle, get it

if you find out it's for you, and you've never played Nintendo games before (like me) you'll be having a blast with it!

if you enjoy local multiplayer a lot is another reason, and if you find Wii graphics good enough it's even better!

balance board also feels great in crazy games like Rayman Raving Rabbits and Shaun White Snowboard

You shouldn't look at games with a score of 90+ only , why don't you look at games with 80+ only instead, more games that way you don't miss games like punch out, which has 87% , which is a great game imo.

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Look at the console line up and see if you like. What's the point of me saying "Yes, of course!", if I don't know what you like? For me, it's more than worth it. For you, don't know ;)



Thank you very much for answers guys
But I have one more question
Have you guys tried games like 'dance dan revolution'
I mean like karaoke...dancing...party games
are they more fun than their sisters and brothers on other consoles?

And about the genres I like
I don't really like fps games
I love sandbox games...rpgs...and some good hack'n slash games
platformers are also one of the genres I love :)

Onour11 said:

I'm playing video games for a long time but the only nintendo console I have ever had was 'Game Boy Advance' which I didn't like much

Now after years I'm thinking of buying a new nintendo console...nintendo wii

But there are a few things make me think about it...

firstly as I mentioned before I didn't have lot's of ninty consoles which means I have never played zelda or mario games (except for original mario)... so no they are not my favourite franchises...do you think I will like those games?

secondly when I look at metacritics and such I always see too many low scored games...while it lacks 90+ games...as a gamer I have never took scores=quality...but what makes me think of it is ...their score is way too low

thirdly there are lots of additional things for wii...such as wii fit...do you think they are really accessible and fun

and also are there any other games than wii fit that supports balance board?

Sorry I'm so ignorant about nintendo consoles...thank you for paying attention to my topic :)

Okay, I will answer your questions in order.

1. Everybody likes mario, even you, and even people that doesn't like him, you just don't know it yet. If you have good patience, you will like Zelda.

2. Yes, you should watch out for shovelware when buying Wii games.

3. I don't know, never tried them out. Maybe I should.

4. There are two skiing games and a snowboarding game that support it. And a skate game I think. And probably many more but those are the ones I know about.