I'm thinking of buying a wii..but is it worth it?

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I'm playing video games for a long time but the only nintendo console I have ever had was 'Game Boy Advance' which I didn't like much

Now after years I'm thinking of buying a new nintendo console...nintendo wii

But there are a few things make me think about it...

firstly as I mentioned before I didn't have lot's of ninty consoles which means I have never played zelda or mario games (except for original mario)... so no they are not my favourite franchises...do you think I will like those games?

secondly when I look at metacritics and such I always see too many low scored games...while it lacks 90+ games...as a gamer I have never took scores=quality...but what makes me think of it is ...their score is way too low

thirdly there are lots of additional things for wii...such as wii fit...do you think they are really accessible and fun

and also are there any other games than wii fit that supports balance board?

Sorry I'm so ignorant about nintendo consoles...thank you for paying attention to my topic :)

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well since yeswiican is gone. i can say yes. i love my wii

definetly get it

and yes the balance board can be used on other games

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base your console purchase on the games you like, simple as that.

so look around, see what games interest you, and see what platform they are on, and if you like many games from many platforms, then find out which platform has the majority of the games you like, put them on a list and go with that.

I'm owning a wii with my cousins, and in my opinion it's a great console! Maybe you must say us wha generes do you like, because if you love FPS i think Wii is not your console, but for On rails, sports games, platformers or other it is worth!

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Sure you do need it

Some games are instant buy on Wii, and you can up their scores by 10% easily, especially games in the 80-88% !!! You can find them at a cheap cost, and they dont have a 90% score just because of graphics or stupid reviewser

ex : Zack & Wiki

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Depends on what games you currently like.

Also, everyone alive needs to play Zelda.

Since you've never owned a Nintendo console before and the Wii can play pretty much every Nintendo game worth playing in the past 20 years, I'll say... yes.

I love my wii.  It gives me variety away from FPS games that seems to plague the other two.  Until GOW3 I wont move on to a multi console owner just yet.


A good list of games that you should get now.


No More Heroes

Super Mario Galaxy

House of the Dead Overkill



Smash Bros.

Punch Out.

Resident Evil 4



Games coming out that you should get.

The Conduit.

Red Steel 2.

Sin and Punishment 2.

New Cystal Chronicles.

Resident Evil Remake

No more Heroes 2


Few games that are just not in my genre.

Tiger Woods

Virtual Tennis

Silent Hill.


Wii has enough games now to keep you busy :P  Looking at the lineup of rest of this year should be a good year to be a Wii owner.

Buying a console depends on a one thing only: How many games are on it, that you really want or need to play? If that's at least 7 or more, then the wii or any console might be the right choice for you.

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