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I would imagine this has been covered before, but I didn't notice it in any of the stickies. When I try and enter a thread since this 2.0 update, the original post will load, but the rest of the thread will take 3-5 minutes before it finishes loading.

I don't have any connection problems and normally don't have any troubles loading flash or javascript, which is why this seems so odd. Also, this seems to be occuring for me in every browser that I've tried(IE7, FF3, Opera, Chrome)

Anyone know what might be causing this and how I might remedy the issue?

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This issue is typically caused by either too much server load, or a bad connection. I've had little to no problems with this since 2.0 other than when E3 first started and everything was going down.

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do you have firfox?

dsister44 said:
do you have firfox?

Erm, I mentioned in the original post that I run into the same issue in IE7, FireFox 3, Opera and Chrome. The connection is blazingly fast too, so it's really quite strange.

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It only happens to me on really long threads where everyone has sigs with like 30 stamps in it......

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I rarely have any problems. The server hasn't been loaded in a long time, and the only time bandwidth has been an issue was last week Monday when a news article with a bunch of images was posted. All the later ones were on photobucket and didn't cause problems. Was even going really fast for me yesterday when there were over 10,000 users online from the booth babes article.

When it pauses, check the lower left and see what site it's downloading. I suspect it's stuck on a site other than vgchartz.