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BladeOfGod said:

I dont know what milked means.


Most established business have cash cows ( a cash cow is a product with high marketshare in an established market ) cash cows generaly bring in a large amount of income to the business which allows them to do things like fund new projects (these new projects are called "stars" in the uk , they will attain low martket share in fast growing markets and hope to become cash cows eventualy) . For example the original Ipod was a cash cow upon which apple could fund the Nano , iphone and so on (these eventualy become cash cows themselves).

Milking is the process of maximising the financial potential of your cash cow , Mario Galaxy , Super Smash Bros Brawl etc are all examples of Nintendo milking their cash cow.

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BladeOfGod said:
nen-suer said:
BladeOfGod said:

I dont know what milked means.


So this guy is asking which game has most milk in it??? I still dont get it

"Milked" can have various definitions depending on who you ask, but the two main definitions we seem to be using in this context are:

-Releasing sequels that improve little upon the previous title and/or introduce very little new content.  (Madden and GH)

-Creating lots of games using a particular IP.  (Mario, CoD)

Oh i see...

That is Mario, no doubt

Usually milked though unfortunately denotes a negative connotation :P.


I haven't read the thread, but the most milked franchise is mediocre FPS game followed by FFVII wannabe franchise. Oh wait, I know they all have different names, but they are so similar they may as well be the same game franchise.


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Sonic, because they only had like four good games.

The ones of the Genesis.

At least some of the others I think they maintained some semblance of quality, even with spin-offs. Maybe I'm just being too harsh on the blue hedgehog because I grew playing the Genesis, but still, he's turned into a Crash Bandicoot of gaming icons when he was right up there with Mario or at the very least Luigi for a little bit. It all went wrong when SEGA couldn't finish Sonic X-Treme.

Mario, Final Fantasy, Need for Speed, Tony Hawk's, all EA's sports games, all Konami's sports games, Megaman, Castlevania, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Sonic, Tetris, Street Fighter, all of SNK's major IPs.

Pokemon. They have two vrsions of ONE game. Than they release a NEW one with every part of the prevouis game is there! I'm like how many times are you going to make the same game? That's my opion. also

Gutier Hero. Its basically the same game but with diffrent music.

By the way Mario isn't milked his spinoffs are.

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axumblade said:
leo-j said:
SmokedHostage said:
All of Sony's franchises

The only franchise sony has ever milked has been Gran turismo..

SoCom too in my opinion.

Gran turismo is a different situation though. If sony made another sim racing game and they just cahnged the title, doesn't that sound an aweful lot like GT? The madden situation, IMO.

Ratchet & clank - god knows how many games, lol. I think around 9 though.

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